Ecommerce Operations Assistant

RVMP is one of the most exciting, go-to street wear and lifestyle brand in the Philippines!

As we grow, we’re looking for an Ecommerce Operations Assistant  that can help with operations of the business. 


  • Be be residing in LIPA CITY. If you aren't from Lipa City you are still more than welcome to send us a resume for consideration
  • Shopify & Lazada Account Management Experience is preferable
  • Be willing to learn / wear multiple hats / lean in / dive in to new challenges not in the job description
  • A positive person that wants to be part of a brand with big plans. (Come grow with us!)
  • RELIABLE internet connection – I’m sorry but we can’t afford low performance due to slow internet.
  • CONSISTENT working hours 
  • Willing to spend a few minutes to respond to customer inquiries on the weekend if needed.
  • Has excellent verbal / written English and a good communicator
  • A reliable commute to come to work



  • Computer literate
  • Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom. Photo editing skills would be ideal 
  • Experience in working with Excel
  • Copy writing/Content writing



  • Manage customer and supplier relationships
  • Manage Social Media (use Canva to create posts, research appropriate hash tags)
  • Manage / respond to Social Media comments
  • Research / contact social media influencers to be become ambassadors
  • Research appropriate retail stores / reach out to retailers to find the appropriate purchasing manager.
  • Basic Experience with Photoshop / Graphic Design
  • Track / Coordinate Product Orders with warehouses, freight forwarders, and suppliers.
  • Manage Lazada Store
  • Manage and track Lazada customer feedback and follow up
  • Manage Lazada & Shopify store Listings (includes photos, descriptions, suppression)

You would be a good fit for this role if you consider yourself a “super user” of computers. An expert of multiple tabs open to essentially get things done as quickly and efficiently as possible. You’ll be a hot key guru that knows the ins and outs of software and can catch on quickly. You’ll also be someone that can take responsibility for something and see it through. We want to allow you to be autonomous in your remote role. However, that also means doing what you say and seeing through work simple projects without constant oversight.

We’re looking for someone who is motivated to make an impact through their work and really inspired by growth. That means learning new things and experimenting with new processes and tools within the industry. We also value integrity and need someone that is very detail oriented. To make sure you read the entire job description, please include the word ‘CYBERPUNK’ in your response as the first word & subject. The best bet to get an initial interview is to please include your resume in your response and please do not copy / paste a generic response to us. Please check out our website and let us know what your favorite product is.

We also like to subscribe a concept similar to google. Use 10% of your time to grow something unique and innovative to help the business. Sometimes even the most basic amount of innovation can drive amazing change. Whether it be an innovative approach on developing a pivot table to better track sales data, or a unique marketing strategy for social media based on a podcast you listened to. These are things we value and we look forward to speaking with those that fit our needs.


Please send a personal cover letter as to why you are the best fit for the position. Please do not copy and paste fancy Cover Letter samples off google, we want to hear WHY we should pick you ;)

Send a copy of your Personal Cover Letter and Resume to